April 27, 2024

FV 8: B2B LinkedIn Ads Strategy: Lessons From $100M+ in Ad Spend | AJ Wilcox

The FounderVideo Podcast Episode 8 with AJ Wilcox.

In this episode, AJ Wilcox, founder and CEO of B2Linked, discusses the power of Thought Leader Ads on LinkedIn and the impact they can have on engagement and click-through rates. He also emphasizes the importance of investing in creative and aligning interests with the ad platform. AJ shares insights on campaign structure and organization, as well as the pitfalls of lead gen forms. Overall, this conversation provides valuable tips and strategies for optimizing LinkedIn ads and achieving better results. In this conversation, AJ Wilcox shares insights and strategies for optimizing LinkedIn ads. He discusses the importance of micro-segmenting audiences and using A/B testing to determine the best performing ads. AJ also emphasizes the value of thought leader ads and leveraging warm audiences for outreach. He highlights the long-term benefits of focusing on pipeline velocity and shares updates on the latest features and tools for LinkedIn ads. AJ also mentions the upcoming updates to his LinkedIn ads course.


- Thought Leader Ads on LinkedIn can significantly improve click-through rates and engagement.

- Investing in creative can lead to lower costs and higher engagement rates.

- Aligning interests with the ad platform can result in better performance and lower costs.

- Campaign structure and organization play a crucial role in optimizing LinkedIn ads. Micro-segment your audience and use A/B testing to determine the best performing ads.

- Thought leader ads and warm audience targeting can accelerate pipeline velocity.

- Focus on long-term strategies and metrics that matter, rather than relying solely on click-through rates.

- Utilize third-party software for budget management, data analysis, and reporting.

FounderVideo Podcast Ep. 8: AJ Wilcox, Founder & CEO of B2Linked  (https://b2linked.com/)

"B2B LinkedIn Ads Strategy: Lessons From $100M+ in Ad Spend"

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00:00 Introduction to AJ Wilcox and B2Linked

04:25 Thought Leader Ads and Their Impact

10:21 Objectives for Thought Leader Ads

13:10 The Changing Landscape of B2B Advertising

20:56 Costs and Quality Score in LinkedIn Ads

27:28 Aligning Interests with the Ad Platform

30:25 The Pitfalls of Lead Gen Forms

36:47 Creative Rotation and Optimization

42:48 Campaign Structure and Organization

45:09 Micro-segmenting Audiences

46:34 Choosing the Winning Ad

50:30 Accelerating Pipeline Velocity

53:35 Thought Leader Ads for Non-Employees

55:03 Outreach to Engaged Accounts

59:53 Alternative to Lead Gen Forms

01:01:05 Update on Thought Leader Ads

01:05:28 Message Ads and Document Ads

01:13:42 Frequency Cap Update

01:19:03 Third-Party Software

01:24:10 New Course Updates


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