Increase Linked[ln] Ads ROAS 55%+
with CXO Guided Interviews

Improve GTM strategy with natural ad creatives that prospects actually want to watch

Done-for-you: just show up 1.5hr/m to generate demand with the expertise already in your C-suite

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Why the Guided Interview System Works

first benefit

Practical Creatives

We ask the right questions, you give your ICP the right answers. Guided interview videos look natural in feed, so messaging is actually consumed.

second benefit

B2B Buying has Changed

Buyers don't want to talk to sales. Instead, they learn from content. Our paid social videos make sure you lead the buyer's journey.

third benefit

Ad Spend Efficiency

Our system minimizes ad costs with rotating creatives, 3rd party software, and other tactics to fully squeeze Linked[ln] and all its features.

Feedback on the Guided Interview Format

Video Creative Examples

Will image

About Us

FounderVideo, based in the USA, specializes in leveraging internal executive expertise to create profitable video advertising & marketing campaigns on Linked[ln].

We have helped over 20 clients grow with our unique approach to video advertising.

Our team has over 8 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and video editing. Will is certified in Linked[ln] Advertising, B2B GTM Strategy, and truly enjoys connecting 1:1 with other founders in guided interviews, the offer staple.

Connect with Will on Linked[ln]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

You are charged month to month and can cancel at any time. To see significant results, expect a timeline of 3+ months.

Can I see a full portfolio of video work?

Yes, please visit here or contact

How can I trust you?

If you book a call with us, you will receive a tailored strategy that should dispel any doubts regarding expertise. We provide a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results we are able to generate for you.

What about ad spend? Aren't LI Ads expensive?

With the large number of rotating creatives taken from the guided interviews plus other tactics, we drive down ad costs considerably. Most advertisers make many mistakes that waste money and drive up the averages.