April 27, 2024

FV 7: Relationship based selling in B2B GTM | Amelia Taylor

The FounderVideo Podcast Episode 7 with Amelia Taylor.

Amelia Taylor, founder of At The Revenue Table, shares her journey and insights on go-to-market strategies and revenue operations in the B2B SaaS industry. She emphasizes the importance of depth in understanding people and challenges the status quo. Amelia discusses her experience at Seamless and how she leveraged her skills to excel in enterprise sales. She then explains the concept behind The Revenue Table, which focuses on revenue-driven relationships and evangelism. Amelia also highlights the power of Slack in community-led growth and revenue generation. In this conversation, Amelia Taylor discusses the importance of being memorable in B2B sales and shares creative ways to leverage video. She emphasizes the role of self-awareness in sales and the decline of B2B SaaS. Amelia also highlights the power of curiosity and the need for human connection in B2B sales. She concludes by mentioning companies that are doing great work in the B2B space.


- Depth in understanding people is crucial for success in the B2B SaaS industry.

- Challenging the status quo and building your own methodology can lead to exceptional results.

- Evangelism should be embraced by everyone in a company, not just a designated role.

- Slack can be a powerful tool for revenue growth and community-led engagement. Be memorable in B2B sales by showing up as yourself and leveraging creative strategies.

- Video is a powerful tool in B2B sales, but keep it short, relevant, and engaging.

- Self-awareness is crucial in B2B sales, as it helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

- Curiosity is a key driver in B2B sales, as it leads to exploration and new paths of knowledge.

- Creating a human connection and focusing on soft skills are becoming increasingly important in B2B sales.

- Decentralized events and community-building can enhance B2B sales and networking opportunities.

- HubSpot, GTM Fund, Sendoso, and Sendspark are examples of companies doing great work in B2B.

FounderVideo Podcast Ep. 7: Amelia Taylor, Founder of At The Revenue Table  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tayloramelia/)

"Relationship based selling in B2B GTM"

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00:00 Introduction

00:51 Who is Amelia Taylor?

13:14 Founding The Revenue Table

23:38 Leveraging Slack for Revenue Growth

45:01 Being Memorable in B2B Sales

45:50 Creative Ways to Leverage Video in B2B

46:30 Using Video to Connect with Prospects

48:28 The Importance of Self-Awareness in B2B Sales

54:02 The Decline of B2B SaaS and the Rise of Soft Skills

54:45 The Role of Self-Awareness in B2B Sales

01:00:16 The Power of Curiosity in B2B Sales

01:04:04 Creating a Human Connection in B2B Sales

01:09:38 The Importance of Decentralized Events in B2B

01:19:46 Companies Doing Great Work in B2B


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