April 27, 2024

FV 6: Video Selling & Personalization at Scale in B2B | Bethany Stachenfeld

The FounderVideo Podcast Episode 6 with Bethany Stachenfeld.

In this conversation, Bethany, the founder and CEO of Sendspark, discusses the importance of personalization in video at scale. She shares the origin story of Sendspark and how it differentiates itself from other video selling tools in the market. Bethany highlights the integration of Sendspark with email automation tools and the hurdles faced in selling the idea of video selling to B2B companies. She emphasizes the effectiveness of video selling and provides insights into common mistakes and misconceptions. The conversation also touches on the challenges and lesser-known aspects of being a founder and the data that supports the impact of video selling. In this conversation, Bethany from Sendspark discusses the power of using video for personalized outreach in sales. She shares how video can make sales interactions more personal and build rapport with prospects. Bethany also emphasizes the importance of real-time communication and how video can help accelerate the sales process. She provides practical steps for implementing video personalization in sales workflows and highlights the value of integrations in SaaS products. Bethany discusses future updates and features of Sendspark, as well as the evolving landscape of video personalization. She concludes by emphasizing the unique value of human strategic thinking in the age of AI.


- Personalization is crucial in video at scale, and Sendspark offers various features to achieve this.

- Sendspark differentiates itself by enabling personalized videos at scale and integrating with email automation tools.

- Video selling has been proven to increase response rates and engagement.

- Common mistakes in video selling include spending too much time on introductions and not clearly communicating the value in the video.

- Being a founder involves dealing with constant rejection and prioritizing tasks effectively.

- Video selling should be seen as a helpful message rather than a sales pitch. Video can be a powerful tool for personalized outreach in sales, helping to build rapport and accelerate the sales process.

- Real-time communication through video can provide immediate value to prospects and help them make informed buying decisions.

- Integrations with other tools and platforms are essential for maximizing the impact of video personalization in sales workflows.

- The future of video personalization holds exciting possibilities, including text-to-video applications and AI-powered digital support agents.

FounderVideo Podcast Ep. 6: Bethany Stachenfeld, Co-founder & CEO of Sendspark  (https://www.sendspark.com/)

"Video Selling & Personalization at Scale in B2B"

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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:13 Origin Story of Sendspark

04:05 Differentiation of Sendspark in the Market

05:34 Personalization at Scale with Sendspark

07:36 Integration with Email Automation Tools

08:04 Hurdles in Selling the Idea of Video Selling

09:40 Proof of Video Selling's Effectiveness

11:30 Reluctance and Mistakes in Video Selling

14:30 Challenges and Lesser-Known Aspects of Being a Founder

20:03 Addressing Misconceptions about Video Selling

22:09 Data on the Impact of Video Selling

26:41 Using Video for Personalized Outreach

27:34 The Power of Video in Sales

28:26 Building Brand and Credibility with Video

29:21 Accelerating Sales Velocity with Video

31:18 The Importance of Real-Time Communication

33:08 Implementing Video Personalization in Sales Workflows

35:25 Automating Video Personalization with Integrations

37:07 The Value of Integrations in SaaS Products

38:21 Future Updates and Features of Sendspark

41:26 Improving Sales Process and Analytics with Sendspark

43:42 The Future of Video Personalization

47:14 The Role of Strategic Thinking in AI

49:24 The Unique Value of Human Thinking

51:38 The Importance of Well-Rounded Skills in Entrepreneurship


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