March 14, 2024

FV 4: How to run LinkedIn ads profitably in 2024 | JD Garcia

The FounderVideo Podcast Episode 4 with JD Garcia.

In this conversation, JD Garcia, Head of Strategy at Impactable, shares insights and strategies for running LinkedIn ads effectively. He discusses common mistakes in LinkedIn ads configuration, the importance of setting realistic expectations, and the key characteristics of companies that benefit the most from LinkedIn ads. JD also highlights the performance of video content on LinkedIn and the use of thought leadership ads. He emphasizes the need for personalized and authentic video content and provides tips for creating scroll-stopping ads. In this conversation, JD Garcia and Will discuss various aspects of LinkedIn ads. They cover topics such as retargeting and filtering traffic, avoiding ad fatigue, targeting inactive audiences, misusing budgets on LinkedIn ads, the importance of thought leadership ads, and rotating ads for a better user experience.


-Set realistic expectations for LinkedIn ads and understand that results may vary depending on factors such as budget, target audience, and product-market fit.

-Focus on technical aspects of LinkedIn ads configuration, such as audience targeting, matched audiences, and correct tracking implementation.

-Consider the key characteristics of companies that benefit from LinkedIn ads, including an active audience on LinkedIn, product-market fit, and the ability to convert leads into revenue.

-Train LinkedIn ads managers to understand the different levers they can pull and to think strategically about campaign execution.

-Utilize video content on LinkedIn, focusing on authenticity and short, engaging formats to capture audience attention. Apply campaign manager filters on top of retargeting audiences to filter and trim down traffic that may not be within your ideal customer profile.

-Ad fatigue can be avoided by using evergreen content in cold ad campaigns and refreshing content in retargeting campaigns when performance starts to diminish.

-If your audience is not active on LinkedIn, consider taking an omnichannel approach and using LinkedIn as part of a larger marketing strategy.

-Companies often misuse their budgets on LinkedIn ads by focusing too much on lead generation and neglecting other aspects of the customer journey.

-Thought leadership ads are important for in-feed consumption and building awareness, even if they may not generate immediate clicks or conversions.

-Rotating ads evenly can provide a better user experience by exposing the audience to different content, but it requires careful monitoring and pausing of underperforming ads.

FounderVideo Podcast Ep. 4: JD Garcia from Impactable (

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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:15 Role and Responsibilities as Head of Strategy

03:51 Common Mistakes in LinkedIn Ads Configuration

07:32 Setting Realistic Expectations for LinkedIn Ads

13:39 Key Characteristics of Companies that Benefit from LinkedIn Ads

14:04 Average Ratio of ROI for LinkedIn Ads

16:19 Using LinkedIn Ads to Accelerate Sales Cycles

22:33 Training LinkedIn Ads Managers

26:17 Performance of Video Content on LinkedIn

34:32 Thought Leadership Ads on LinkedIn

43:10 Retargeting and Filtering Traffic

45:20 Avoiding Ad Fatigue

49:09 Targeting Inactive Audiences

52:01 Misusing Budgets on LinkedIn Ads

55:02 The Importance of Thought Leadership Ads

59:16 Rotating Ads and User Experience


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