May 9, 2024

FV 10: The Evolution of PPC and the Role of AI | Frederick Vallaeys, Optmyzer

The FounderVideo Podcast Episode 10 with Frederick Vallaeys.

In this conversation, Will interviews Frederick Vallaeys, CEO of Optmyzer and one of the first 500 employees at Google. They discuss Fred's experience at Google, the evolution of PPC, and the impact of AI on search. They also explore the future of search engines and the role of social media in providing high-quality and trustworthy information. In this conversation, Fred Vallaeys discusses the importance of decentralization and customization in advertising. He highlights the use of chat GPT to build customized language models for each client, allowing marketers to tailor their messaging and strategies. Fred also introduces Optmyzer, a tool that helps advertisers save time and improve campaign performance. He explains how Optimizer automates tedious tasks, such as campaign setup and optimization, and provides features like PPC insurance and social media rule engines. Fred shares his vision for the future of Optmyzer, emphasizing the goal of making marketers better through technology.


- Fred Vallaeys was one of the first 500 employees at Google and played a key role in the development of AdWords. He later founded Optmyzer, a PPC management software.

- The evolution of PPC has made it easier for small businesses to advertise, but professional marketers need to differentiate themselves by providing valuable insights and data to machine learning systems.

- Generative AI, such as GPT, has the potential to change the search landscape, but the number of conversions will remain constant. Advertisers need to adapt to new buyer journeys and provide valuable information to machine learning systems.

- Social media plays a crucial role in driving new demand and influencing consumer behavior. However, the trustworthiness of information on social platforms needs to be addressed.

- The future of search engines may involve a combination of generative AI, social media, and decentralized platforms that cater to specific niches and provide high-quality and relevant information. Decentralization and customization are key in advertising to tailor messaging and strategies for each client.

- Chat GPT allows marketers to build customized language models for their clients, improving communication and campaign performance.

- Optimizer automates tedious tasks in campaign setup and optimization, saving time and improving efficiency.

- PPC insurance feature in Optmyzer helps preserve budget and prevent wasted spend on ad platforms.Social media rule engines in Optmyzer enable advertisers to automate actions and optimize campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn and Meta.

- The future vision for Optmyzer is to continue solving real problems for marketers and providing innovative solutions to improve campaign performance.

FounderVideo Podcast Ep. 10: Frederick Vallaeys, CEO of @Optmyzr (

"The Evolution of PPC and the Role of AI"

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00:00 Introduction and Background

09:59 From Google to Optimizer

30:47 Decentralization and Customization in Advertising

38:26 Preserving Budget and Preventing Wasted Spend with PPC Insurance

48:02 Differentiating Optimizer from Other Tools in the Market


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