February 14, 2024

Best Types of LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn's video advertising platform offers a versatile canvas for B2B marketers, but not all video ads are created equal. To maximize impact, understanding and leveraging the right types of video ads is crucial. Here’s a succinct guide to the best types of LinkedIn video ads, based on in-depth industry analyses and actionable strategies from leading LinkedIn advertising guides.

Guided Interview Videos

Centered around authenticity, these videos feature thought leaders or company executives and deliver genuine insights, establishing trust and engagement with professional audiences.

Product Demonstrations

Showcasing the practical application and benefits of your product can significantly enhance lead quality and conversion rates by providing clear, value-driven content.

Customer Testimonials

Leveraging stories of success from your existing customers not only builds credibility but also showcases your solution's real-world impact.

Thought Leadership Pieces

Positioning your brand as an industry expert through insightful content can drive engagement and foster meaningful connections.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Offering a glimpse into your company culture or product creation process can humanize your brand and create a stronger emotional connection with your audience.

By focusing on these types of video ads, businesses can create a more engaging, impactful, and profitable LinkedIn video advertising strategy, driving not just views but meaningful B2B interactions and conversions.